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 Mr. and Mrs. DavisMr-DavisThe Davis funeral home was organized in 1957 by Mr. Curtis B. Davis, after taking over his brother –in-laws abandon business.  In those days a shortgrave side service was held for the deceased and a formal funeral service was held on Sunday when the preacher made his visit.  

The Davis funeral home served family from all areas of the county with dignity and honor which became the business slogan, and remains the slogan today. 

N Oak StreetThe funeral home was first housed in the building now known as the Moses barber shop until 1967 when the business moved to its present location at 301 north Oak Street. While construction was in progress Mr. and Mrs. Davis’s Home was used to houses the decease until the building was completed.  (It was like having guess in our home says Mrs. Davis) The first building at  301 north oak street   was a block building, build by Mr. Curtis Davis, Mr. Ernest Davis, and Mr. Badger Davis,  (the Davis Brothers) Davis construction Company.

In 1984 the building was completely remodel with a new preparation and selection room and bricks added to the exterior of
the building.  Later a chapel and a new selection room were added.rsz building

In the 1950’s and early 60’s embalming as not done in the Ocilla location, but was done by Mr. Aaron Spaulding Mrs. Davis’s brother in McRae Georgia.  After the building was remodel and a preparation added the embalming and preparation is now done at the Ocilla location.

The Davis funeral home continues to serve families from all walks of life, during their time of sorrow.  We offer funeral planning, pre needs and at need, counseling, monuments, burial plots, floral arrangements, shipping and receiving remains from other funeral homes,  cremations  and online signing of the guest register book just to name a few.

The Davis funeral home was owned and operated by Mr.  Curtis B. Davis and Mrs. Josephine S. Davis  for 49 years in Ocilla Georgia until the death of Mr. Davis in November 2006, after which Mrs. Davis continued to operate the business with Aldene Tyson as manager until February 2014 when Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Became owners of the business. ( It has always been a dream of Aldene to own his funeral home,  says Mrs. Tyson) and it was Mr. and Mrs. Davis’s desire for Aldene and Nella to be the new owners.
The Davis funeral home will continue to operate as Davis funeral home and will continue to give services with dignity and honor.
Correct FormatToday we are honored to serve you and your family with our upmost respect at our 301 North Oak Street. Curtis Davis Funeral Home is currently owned and managed by Aldene and Nella Tyson.


Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak information...

In light of the Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak, Davis Funeral Home of Ocilla Georgia will be taking the following steps to insure the health and well-being of our staff and our community as a whole.  We have communicated with other funeral homes in our surrounding area, and have been in contact with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) for insight and guidance for conducting our day-to-day businesses.  These are the recommendations that will be implemented by Davis Funeral Home:

We also provide preplanning services which can save money and relieve your family of having to make extra decisions during this difficult time. We invite you to stop by our office or call for an appointment today.

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